Justin Bieber Spoon Swags--Live! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber Spoon Swags--Live! (VIDEO)-photo
Ready to spoon with Justin Bieber?

The 16-year-old musical sensation and mustache aficionado proved that common kitchen utensils can be entertaining and oh-so-sexy during his recent concert in Tampa, Florida. During a more-rousing-than-usual rendition of his mega-hit "Baby," the Biebs was handed a spoon by an audience member and proceeded to cavort with the object in an act that has since come to be known as "spoon swagging."

Could a brand-new musical trend known as "getting forked" be next?

Watch Bieber break bold new ground in the field of utensil usage in the video below:



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    Sexy? I want to know how old is the person who wrote this article.