Lindsay Lohan Disputes Battery Claims

Lindsay Lohan is defending herself against a Betty Ford staffer’s claims that she assaulted her after an alcohol-fueled night on the town.

The Palm Desert police this week launched an investigation into a Dec. 12 alleged battery incident between Lindsay and chemical alcohol dependency tech Dawn Holland, who claims the actress broke the rehab center’s curfew, refused a breathalyzer and yanked a phone out of her hand, spraining it. Betty Ford said on Monday that Holland was fired for speaking out about the alleged incident to TMZ.

Lindsay is now disputing those claims to friends and family, according to a new TMZ report, saying she was simply out getting her hair done on the night in question and claiming Holland was the one who initiated physical contact when she “abruptly” pushed her so hard, she began to cry. Lindsay also says she welcomed the breathalyzer, alleging that Holland refused to administer it.

Word is surveillance cameras capture the clash between Lindsay and Dawn, who TMZ has revealed was accused of assaulting her now ex-husband in 2008. Here’s hoping those videos really do exist and will put an end to this ‘she said, she said.’

Do you believe Lindsay was the victim or the assaulter – or neither? Give us your opinion in the comments.