Lindsay Lohan Was Drinking Shirley Temples on Night of Alleged Battery

Many questions still remain about the alleged battery incident that Lindsay Lohan was involved in earlier this month, but one thing is certain: Alcohol wasn’t involved. At least on Lindsay’s part, according to TMZ.

According to earlier reports, Lohan—who’s currently undergoing rehab treatment at California’s esteemed Betty Ford Center—returned to the facility slightly past curfew on December 11 after a night of partying with her rehab roomies and, depending on who you ask, either physically lashed out at Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland or was roughed up by Holland. (LiLo, of course, maintains her innocence in the matter.) And while many have speculated that the brouhaha was sparked, as so many are, by booze, a source tells TMZ that it just wasn’t so.

The source claims that Lohan slipped out to the Viceroy Hotel in Palm Springs to get her hair done and knock a few back, though the actress’ drink of choice was the non-alcoholic Shirley Temple. (That’d be ginger ale mixed with grenadine syrup, and typically topped with a cherry.) The source claims that Lohan eventually made her way back to Betty Ford at approximately 1 a.m., completely sober, at which point all hell broke loose. (While the Palm Desert Police are currently investigating the incident, Holland has been fired from Betty Ford Center.)

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