Who is Ryan Gosling Dating: Blake Lively or Michelle Williams?

The rumor mill is spinning into overdrive with the news that actor Ryan Gosling is dating his Blue Valentine co-star, Michelle Williams – but wait, wasn’t Ryan just recently linked to Blake Lively?

Have no fear if you’re having trouble keeping up with the rumored hook-ups of the hunky actor, we here at Celebuzz have put together a handy guide to Ryan and his two rumored ladies.

So, who is Ryan really dating? Read on and decide for yourself!

Blake Lively

When the Rumors Started: Early December, right after Blake announced her split from longtime boyfriend (and Gossip Girl co-star) Penn Badgley.

Canoodling Spotting: The pair were allegedly seen getting giggly at an after-party for Blue Valentine at The Standard in New York earlier this month.

Why They Could Be Dating: Blake is blonde, talented and has a bit of a hipster edge – just the type of girl that Ryan would date.

The Denial: None yet!

Likelihood of Real Romance: Pretty likely! Neither party has issued a denial of the rumored romance and the pair continue to be spotted on dates around New York and California.

Michelle Williams

When the Rumors Started: In May, while the two adorable actors were out promoting Blue Valentine in Cannes.

Canoodling Spotting: The two blonde cuties were spotted snuggling and holding hands at a private Cannes party.

Why They Could Be Dating: Michelle is a poised Brooklyn girl (perfect for Ryan) and Ryan is a talented and hip blonde actor (perfect for Michelle). Plus, Michelle has a history of dating her co-stars (see: Heath Ledger).

The Denial: Ryan “coyly” denied that he was dating Michelle in a recent press conference, but the press wasn’t won over by his denial. Is there something going on here?

Likelihood of Real Romance: Likely, but then again, maybe the two just seem so perfect for each other that the press is trying too hard to make a romance out of nothing.

Want to see Michelle and Ryan in action? Check out the Blue Valentine trailer below.

Who do you think Ryan is dating– Blake or Michelle? Share your thoughts below.