Miley Cyrus Whips Her Hair

Celebuzz Breakout Star of the Year Willow Smith whipped the nation into a frenzy in 2010, so it may come as little surprise that Miley Cyrus herself is a Willow devotee.

This just in: According to TMZ, Miley is rocking out to Willow’s “Whip My Hair” day and night on the set of her new movie So Undercover. So much for clubbing with new BFF Kelly Osbourne!

“According to our spies on set, Miley has been passing the time between takes on the set…by constantly singing “Whip My Hair” … and even busting out the dance moves,” TMZ reports.

To this we say to Miley – please capture your hair-whipping via video and share it with the world!

Indulge in some holiday hair-whipping yourself right here:

Should Miley make her own ‘Whip My Hair’ cover? Say yay or nay in the comments.