The Biggest Movies of 2010 (PHOTOS)

If there's one thing that was made especially clear at the box office this year, it's that movies geared towards young fans -- especially kids and teens -- are major cash cows.

While adult-aimed Avater killed it last year, in 2010 it was films like Despicable Me, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and other films that made obscene amounts of money. But what movie was the biggest draw of the year? We've got the answer.

Click through the gallery to find out!



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    birthday pary ideas

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  • Dizzy

    One of the best of 2010. And you're right, it's now #3 with $942 million (10th of all time).

  • Flower

    you suck!!! there is an old saying --- "EACH TO HER (HIS) OWN SAID THE LADY AS SHE KISSED THE COW). Now please - back off.

  • visha

    this is my fAVORITE movie so i cant wait for breaking dawn they said that twilight sucks maybe they are just fighting im just expresssing my feelings.............

  • jonne

    This is my Favourite!! (: They are soo good!

  • chloe

    this is my favourite! i absoloutly adore edward and bella u r both talented and so cute togeather. and whoeva sed twilight sucks is in big trouble , id like to see them try and make a movie, i bet theirs sucks! i wish i could be contacted with r-pattz and kristen i absoloutly love edward he so sexy! sorry kristen lol .xxxxxxxxxx :-)

  • Skylar

    Other than Harry Potter, Inception, and Toy Story 3, everything on here does not even deserve to be on this list. I mean, where's Charlie St. Cloud? 0.0

  • mik

    Twilight sucks you suck!!!

  • krishltiua

    This is the real iron man of the year 2010,nice movie and best worked by everyone.

  • barblicious

    iron man is iron man.. you cant go wrong with it

  • barblicious

    everytime i watch tis movie i alway go "Riley" when Riley appears on screen.. dnt knw where it come from but i just adore Xavier Samuel .. great

  • barblicious

    t is a classic & good movie

  • barblicious

    i loved alice but it had dry moments in there where i was lik wat tha f**k but luved t

  • barblicious

    i regret missing tis movie in cinemas but great fab movie.. it is pretty amazing.. sci-action was/ is awesome

  • casje

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  • jgnmgh

    cool movie loved it

  • dafish11

    THIS MOVIE ACTUALLY CHANGED ME! its my FAV MOVIE! I LOVEEE IT!!!!!! i told all my friends to watch it and they lovvee it! more ppl need to watch it!

  • annabannana56

    Adorable movie.

  • annabannana56

    Best movie ever. Three thumps up.

  • Hande Uyanik
    Hande Uyanik

    this was the best animation film of the year!!! i cant believe toy story3 passed this ./

  • Hande Uyanik
    Hande Uyanik

    this should have come #2 i hated toy story, and alice in wonderland wasnt as good as i expected.

  • Hande Uyanik
    Hande Uyanik

    this should have been #1! it was awesomee!! toy story and alice in wonderland was nothing next to this!

  • Sasha

    Although I enjoy animated movies they were a bit too much this year.Anyway best movie of 2010 was most definitely Inception and the worst would be most probably Eclipse.The movie from the Twilight saga wasn't the only one with a poor plot but I see they made a lot of money out of it which is just sad.

  • blah

    this movie isnt that good u kno

  • jordyn

    this is so f-ing good!!!!!! i have the movie and i cant stop watching it ITS SO FLUFFY!!!!

  • chris

    well if toy story 3 and alice in wonderland wasn't in 3d and benefited by the higher price harry potter would be #1 by now!!!!!!!!!!

  • markella_gr

    you suck just jealous u ain't famous and they r look,because someone doesn't like something it doesn't mean that he's jealus of it!!!everyone to his taste buddy!!! :)

  • markella

    oh my gooooood!!!! i soooo love this movie!!!!!i saw it just a few days ago and the little kids are so sweet especially agnes!!!so cute!!!!

  • HP

    Um, no plot? You have got to be mental. Either you haven't been following the movies,or have not read the book, or both. Part 2 will dominate the box office. Just wait, it'll be ranked the 2nd highest grossing movie ever. And obviously you didn't see everything because it's in two parts.