The 2010 Celebrity Gift Guide (PHOTOS)

Kim's Favorite Gift
kim kardashian
Best Christmas Gift Ever Read More »
Kim's Favorite Present
kim kardashian
Best Christmas Gift Ever Read More »

Celebrities would seem to be the boys and girls who have everything, but—okay, well they pretty much are. However, this is the season of giving and generosity, even if the recipients don't need it.

With that in mind, Celebuzz has thoughtfully compiled a list of potential presents for our favorite famous folks. Click through the photo gallery to see our gift suggestions. Have some of your own? Share them with us in the comments section.



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  • misskristimusic

    soo beautiful, i like her


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  • iloverobertpattinson

    OHH MY f*cking GOD he is sexy as f*ck, his hair is amazing

  • fuck you celebuzz
    fuck you celebuzz

    ARRGGH he's so hot shut up, his hair is perfect just like the rest of him!!!

  • celebuzz is shit, rob is hot!
    celebuzz is shit, rob is hot!

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  • Rpattz is fit!!!
    Rpattz is fit!!!

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  • simplydiffer

    Geeze y'all. The dude already looks like a girl!

  • simplydiffer

    Or a brain so she know not to film stupid shiz she does.

  • simplydiffer

    No. I like the tame/crazy hair he's got rocking right now. Handsome fella.

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  • seharniazi

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  • Sunny

    Robert ... just frigin marry me already ... you know it makes sense :) I love you SO MUCH! and i find his hair PERFECT like that. so sexy :)

  • djfhksajdg

    i could write a whole list of gifts for her.

  • Lizzie

    yup he would look like a pretty ickle girl with curls! But he already does?