2010: The Year Young Hollywood Grew Up (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus, Nick Jonas, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato all celebrated their entrance into adulthood (aka their 18th birthday) this year, marking the end of an era for a generation of young stars.

So, how did turning 18 change these young stars? Some stumbled a bit while others seem to be strictly on the up-and-up.

Check out Celebuzz's guide to young stars who grew up in 2010 and share your thoughts and concerns in the comments.



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  • rani93

    he's gorgeous

  • misskristimusic
  • ------

    There were least 10 young stars who hit their 18th birthday in 2010. From Taylor Lautner to Miley Cyrus!

  • celestine

    OK she is pretty here only because she is wearing a beautiful dress and a good make up on...otherwise UGLLY. oh yeas. gurl. start defending your slut miley!

  • mimi

    she is fantastic,..simple as that!!

  • ------

    It is the Obama girls next to celebrate their 18th birthday!!!

  • fslm

    @meiner she does NOT have a drinking problem, that was a total rumor. All she had was cutting problems and body issues before she got famous. Oh, yeah, cutting is a lot better than drinking -.-

  • STFU

    well if she's being called a slut for wearing sexy clothes and strong makeup, you have never actually seen a real slut! Sexy clothes? You obviously can't tell the difference between acting sexy and acting like a whore.

  • babi

    he looks like a hobbit

  • Monique

    I love demi to death . &' its actually better to take things in your own hands than wait for things to get worst . I lovee &' support her through it all

  • dufas

    she really should not be famous for her singing because she can't sing.

  • dufas

    well if she's being called a slut for wearing sexy clothes and strong makeup, you have never actually seen a real slut!

  • misspiggy

    haha i really liked jemi and i hope they once will get back together (L) xoxo

  • Catherine

    She's just full of awesomness, she's beautiful, talented and smart. Whatever ever happens, she's gonna make it :) I love You Demi so much!!!

  • Caroline

    Actually, I can't stand Miley, Demi and Selena. Miley's behaviour is just appalling. Also, she's not a good singer nor is she a good actress. Demi is a good singer, but the whole 'my life is over because a guy broke up with me' is way too absurd for me to take her seriously. And she's an awful actress: she's not believable at all. Selena annoys me. Truly. She seems utterly fake, and she can't sing. And she doesn't seem to realize it, considering how she still says 'Oh, I hope to one day sing with (insert talented artist's name here)'. How would she ever be worthy of singing with someone who actually can sing? And I'm actually sparing you of a description of her 'amazing' dance moves. All three of them are bad role models. Why? Because they're immature and are getting millions of dollars without any true talent.

  • Jeff Ting
    Jeff Ting

    You know, I noticed that the people who support Alex Welch tend to live in a world of PC ridden litigations. Where they feel that it’s ok to sue someone for a minor injury to same effect as suing someone for beating the crap out of them with a baseball bat. You guys say DEMI is the real bully and what not yet let me ask you something. How is someone a bully when their mindset isn’t even in the right place? You say it doesn’t matter but how is that possible when you can’t even think straight? The typical argument I hear these days when it comes to Demi Lovato is “Mental illness don’t real.” Well then if you believe that Mental illness “don’t real” you have to believe that things like sickness and diabetes “don’t real” either. Because a healthy mindset needs to be supported with healthy emotional support. Just like a healthy body needs nutritious support to make it function. This is NOT an opinion. This is scientific fact. Not saying that what Demi did was right, but any decent human being won’t blame Lovato for acting mentally ill when she was suffering from a mental illness. And speaking of Alex Welch, the little Ambulance chaser that could, Since you live in a world of pointless PC litigations and no room for logic, I’m just trying to understand your sue happy ways. This is the same type of mentality that would file a bogus malpractice suit lawsuit against a hard working doctor with just so he can get a few bucks. That’s ten times more deplorable than giving someone a black eye. That’s character assassination and that’s ten times more reprehensible than giving some one a facial boo boo that will heal in two weeks. But unfortunately Character assassination isn’t against the law. Which can do more damage than any sort of physical violence. Sorry but no. The real bully isn’t the disney actress who is put under a microscope. It’s the red headed dancer who decided to make a mockery of this judicial system and turn little black eye into a ****ing media circus.

  • Jeff Ting
    Jeff Ting

    Wish her the best! She is just a kid and there are so many people filled with envy waiting for her to make a mistake to be able to photograph or videotape it and see what they can get from it. She is a human being with good and bad things like anybody else. She is not the characters she plays....she is an actress!!!! Some people cheer for these kids as long as they stck to the script they have in mind for these young actors/actresses but if they dare to improvise in their own life then they have to be punished by getting humiliated and torn in front of everybody! I hope her family sticks by her side and shield her from the hunger to see her fall that some people have. My daughters admire her talent and love her but understand that she is just a girl that can make zillions of bad or good choices as they can...just because she is beautiful and rich it doen´t mean she is perfect. Go head girl...take all the time you need to get well and happy so you can continue on with your life as a happy and productive person. i will pray for you and your loved ones. Merry X-mas girl!

  • Stella

    i dont understand why you could hate her??she didnt do anything bad? and its stupid to hate someone if there ugly so theres no reason i agree people bash selena because she does nothing wrong but when miley and demi do something wrong their the first ones to stick up for them ,but i love demi and selena i have no probs with miley im just not a fan

  • Gia

    too goodie goodie but she has her head on straight why would you want for her to do something bad what's the use she's focusing on her career not being stupid

  • Milania

    There is a difference between sexy and slutty I know right : )

  • lovely

    Hate Her she hates you

  • Charlotte

    She Is More Than ugly Hate Herrrrrrrrr !!!!! your more than ugly your jealous of her career what did she ever do to you ?

  • Kayla

    booooooo you

  • Victoria

    miley will make it far because shes got great fans all over the world and now she is appealing to an older audeince. selena has a very small and young fan base in america, now she is know in europe but not as much as miley. i dont really know about nick and demi. all i know is that miley is the strongest and most appealing to the audience and she will stick around the longest. actually demi miley and selena have a huge fan base and miley has actually lost fans because of her life and is she really appealing yeah half of the world hates her because she's supposedly this great " appealing " person yes miley may be successful but selena is also extremly succesful

  • Andrea

    [quote=Andreea Diana]eewww your ewww

  • Lala

    They tried to make me go to rehab but I said no, no, no!

  • LaceyJonas

    Nick is a virgin, dumbass above^ awh:) Nick & his plaid shirts! ah i love it! He is so talented, and i wish more guys would recognize that:/

  • Lacey

    He so sooo damn good looking, sucha stud;)

  • ----

    2004 was also 'The Year Young Hollywood Grew Up'. The Olsen Twins, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes, Megan Fox, Shia Labeouf and Robert Pattinson - they all hit 18 in that year. But Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen had the biggest 18th birthday celebration ever, while Lindsay Lohan had the wildest one. Mean Girls was the #1 teen movie of 2004. I also turned 18 in the same year the Olsens and Lindsay Lohan did (2004). Those stars have reached the first quarter-century of their lives. Lohan is still having trouble with drugs and alcohol. Every 4-6 years a new teenage star is on the rise. Nowadays 18th birthday celebrations are becoming the 'big deal' or the biggest event in every human beings on earth, compared to Christmas and New Year's Day.

  • :D

    too goodie goodie

  • Jeff Ting
    Jeff Ting

    Why is everybody believes she has admitted himself. Her parents wanted to take out of the firing line. Just as it seems she has not only a certain violence, also a drinking problem Maybe because she did? I always found it funny that morons like you tend to act like you have the inside scoop of what goes on in these celebrities lives. Oh well that's ok in the long run. YOur idiocy proves to be pretty good entertainment ;-)

  • Lene

    Selena is a angel and JB is not underage he is age on concent which means it legal for them to date.

  • Lene

    She changed the most but i hope in 2011 she will have a better understanding that being adult don't mean doing wild and crazy things. love you miley

  • queen

    Best of all, Changed alot, like a real celeb should do! LOVE YOU MILES! That kind of change is BAD

  • DJR

    [quote=Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi]miley is not a slut or bitch she is amazing and deal with it people No, she is actually not.

  • Mary J
    Mary J

    O my god, yes she is a slut because she is screwing every guy that she knows, oh my god you are so right -.-' (sarcasm) Sorry, but she is a slut. And an idiot. And untalented

  • Jill

    Sexy, beautiful Miley! There is a difference between sexy and slutty

  • tanesha

    this is about to be a really long comment but this is my opinion i personally think that she doesnt have a drug problem or a sex tape nor will i believe till they show evidence. the whole alex welch thing is stupid too because she didnt intentially hurt her. i am not saying she was right to punch her but alex had to provoke her. demi seems like a sweet gurl and i dont think she is just going to punch somebody for snitchin. alex had to either do it or she had to have gotten an attitude im a leo just like demi and we are cranky and mean when were mad. so she had to have said something to make demi punch her. as for the checking into rehab thing i think that alex had told people a different story because there are always 2 sides of the story and they only heard alexs side which made them force demi into checking herself into rehab they need a excuse so they used the cutting and eating disorders as there excuse.

  • dafish11

    Hate Her i dont understand why you could hate her?? she didnt do anything bad? and its stupid to hate someone if there ugly so theres no reason

  • mia

    Best of all, Changed alot, like a real celeb should do! LOVE YOU MILES!


    personally i dont like the jonas brothers welll i mostly dont like joe for wut he did to demi lovato she really loved him and theyh made the cutest couple but other wise i luv nick and of course he is a virgin! he wears a purity ring on his hand and his parents taught him not to do that unitl they r married!!! ( ASHLEY GREENE IS UGLY!! I HATE HER FOR JOE ) HOW MANY OF U GUYS THINK JOE LOOKS BETTER WITH DEMI? ASHLEY?

  • Nati

    He's leaving that to Joe! LOL

  • M&M

    Hate Her

  • ....111

    She Is More Than ugly Hate Herrrrrrrrr !!!!!

  • ........111

    Love Her And Haters Shut The f*ck up !!!

  • maryamcullen

    i like her sweet smile!!she is gorgeous

  • maryamcullen

    she is more than beautiful!!

  • maryamcullen

    she's beautiful no matter what she do!!people who doesn't like her,they so need to get a life!

  • ,

    yup !!

  • germanxxannie

    Do you have to be successful ... nudity picture or drunkenness or bong to smoke or be born with a golden spoon in ass? Oh no ... that was Miley Cyrus! Selena Gomez will make go their way!. She work hard for your Success! I wish your the best! wow. can't you say something positive about selena without always insulting miley?? it's ok, we respect selena, yeah, you're one tough guy -.-

  • germanxxannie

    ^ How is that not "real life" hahaha Shes a mess and a slut. admit it. ermmm... NOPE

  • Anon

    celeb... world? a bit over-the-top :/

  • OMG

    it doesnt look like she is wearing a bra.... or underwear O.o

  • Anon

    BAHAHAHAHHAA... slowly? what an understatment

  • Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi
    Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi

    Demi is awesome!!! ya she is awesome you are 100% right with your words

  • Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi
    Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi

    hot selly

  • Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi
    Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi

    i love her she is pretty and amazing

  • Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi
    Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi

    awesome miley i adore her

  • Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi
    Assmaa Miley Justin Nahashibi

    miley is not a slut or bitch she is amazing and deal with it people

  • bella

    [quote=Trupti Marolia]omg... i love herrrr... she's amazinggg i'm an indian..nd i hate her..BANG!

  • smileymiley

    [quote=Ruth E. Philippe]SLUT! get a life dumb-ass!!!!

  • KayKay

    She needs help on her posture asap.

  • jmp3000

    He seems like a genuine good person and an amazing talent, I hope he stays the same.

  • kelly

    Do you have to be successful ... nudity picture or drunkenness or bong to smoke or be born with a golden spoon in ass?Oh no ... that was Miley Cyrus!Selena Gomez will make go their way!.She work hard for your Success!I wish your the best! Oh my god are you going to post that comment on every selenas photo?

  • Isis

    ^ How is that not "real life" hahahaShes a mess and a slut. admit it. And you are a real idiot to come here and waist your time writing a comment about someone that you actually don't like. So yeah we all have our problems, might as well as admit them

  • lifes good
    lifes good

    SLUTY BICTH well done you can swear BITCH!

  • Taurie

    Demi is awesome!!!

  • Taurie


  • Taurie


  • Trupti Marolia
    Trupti Marolia

    omg... i love herrrr... she's amazinggg