Forbes Announces Hollywood’s Highest Earners of 2010

TV deity Oprah Winfrey has done what no one in the film industry could do – top the annual money list. The 56-year-old, who brokered a syndication deal for her talk show, ran her own magazine and readied the launch of her own network, brought home $315 million this calendar year, putting her leaps and bounds ahead of No. 2, Avatar creator James Cameron and his $210 mil.

All-around threat Tyler Perry, at No. 3, bested some of Hollywood’s most legendary (and profitable) filmmakers: Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer. He banked $125 million in 2010 thanks to his films Why I Did I Get Married Too? and For Colored Girls.

Beyonce Knowles was the only musician to crack the list’s top 10 by earning $87 million, but Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift all made the top 20 while at the same time shutting out some big name leading men, who often are the usual suspects for an end-year list like this.

Holding down the last spot is Judge Judy, whose monetary success is equal to Taylor’s at $45 million.

Few athletes can have as poor a year as Tiger Woods and still remain relevant, but he’s done that and more, raking in $105 million in 2010.

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