Kim Kardashian Gets ‘Best Christmas Gift Ever’

You’d think a girl like Kim Kardashian has it all, or at least has gotten some pretty darn fabulous Christmas gifts in the past, but what she got this year is her favorite one ever.

Kim announced via Twitter that he 2010 Christmas gift is one she’ll never forget — more for sentimental reasons than anything monetary. Kim writes:

Best Christmas gift ever! Mason said KIM! Kourtney told me,I didn’t believe her then he said it to me! I almost cried! Mama, dada & KIM! LOL

Can we get a collective “awwww!” Now that’s something that Santa just can’t bring.

If you’re one of those people who just can’t stomach that the holidays are over, please relive the glory that was this year’s Kardashian Christmas Card! Then, enjoy the cuteness of Mason Disick with this big birthday gallery.