Kim Kardashian Gets 'Best Christmas Gift Ever'

Kim Kardashian Gets 'Best Christmas Gift Ever'-photo
You'd think a girl like Kim Kardashian has it all, or at least has gotten some pretty darn fabulous Christmas gifts in the past, but what she got this year is her favorite one ever.

Kim announced via Twitter that he 2010 Christmas gift is one she'll never forget -- more for sentimental reasons than anything monetary. Kim writes:

Best Christmas gift ever! Mason said KIM! Kourtney told me,I didn't believe her then he said it to me! I almost cried! Mama, dada & KIM! LOL
Can we get a collective "awwww!" Now that's something that Santa just can't bring.

If you're one of those people who just can't stomach that the holidays are over, please relive the glory that was this year's Kardashian Christmas Card! Then, enjoy the cuteness of Mason Disick with this big birthday gallery.



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  • lena

    i think when kim look back and think she know she make a big mistake dating ray j but that;s youte mistake i love her and all the family leave her along she is a nice ward working woman

  • Terry

    Kim is a slut and a N lover along with her sister's

  • Drella

    mason has an old man's face, i wonder if that's normal or if it's like a disease or something

  • Catlynn

    at least that ugly ass kid can talk

  • plow

    It's the RayJ thing I can't get over. Otherwise, she's a nice girl who deserves a break.

  • Alexa

    there is seriously something wrong with you to take the time out of your day to trash talk someone you don't know...especially a whole family you don't know other than from gossip in magazines and news shows...get a life I agree :). Aww I`m happy for Kim !

  • chris

    when your as beautiful and as successful your opinion might be worth something. but considering its still only spite god would still rebuke you. grow up you don't know everything and to be married is a fairy tale every woman deserves probably even you!

  • Kati

    You are just jealous of Kim you can never have what she has so go get a life!

  • Kati

    You are just jealous of Kim you can never have what she has so go get a life!

  • smilez

    shes a selfish hoe, i find it hilarious shes still not married, cus out of the whole lot of trash in that family, shes the most desperate to be married. and ppl say she can have any man she wants - HA HA to that. they know shes just like a merry-go-round, everyone gets a turn. BOOYAH! Oh and i was bored last night, came across Junk in the Trunk, will you ask kim and kourtney WHY they licked on Robs pee pee when he was a lil boy? THEY SAID IT - if u dont believe, watch it. They wanted to see what it was like. SICK FAMILY! You are just jealous of Kim, she has it all fame, beauty, money. She has a nice body which problably yours is real sh*ty thats why you are saying all this. DAMN Hater!!!