‘Glee’s’ Kurt and Blaine: Valentine’s Day Kiss?

The anticipation has been killing Gleeks: Will Kurt and Blaine ever go from friends to boyfriends? Prepare for a mini-spoiler!

Two of the cutest guys ever to wear prep school blazers – Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss) – may finally find leave the Friend Zone on Glee’s Valentine’s Day episode set to air February 8, according to TV Guide’s William Keck (via Huffington Post.)

“I hear the two will be crooning Robin Thicke’s ‘When I Get You Alone’ outside a Gap store as Blaine prepares to profess his love,” Keck reports.

Not only will this be a fine bit of product placement for Gap, but Blaine taking the initiative could make this major plot development even sweeter, considering Kurt has done most of the crushing. Though showrunner Ryan Murphy is notoriously, frustratingly cryptic over his plotlines, Colfer hints to TV Guide that “there might be a development.”

What can we say but OMGlee?

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Photo Credit: FOX