Robert Pattinson Strikes Steamy Pose

Robert Pattinson Strikes Steamy Pose-photo
Here's a post-Christmas treat from Celebuzz to our Twilight faithful: a steamy outtake fromĀ  Robert Pattinson's recent Italian Vogue shoot.

Fashion photographer Stewart Shining was kind enough to tweet the photo. Doesn't Rob look particularly fine in black and white?

What do you think of the new Rob photo? List the ways you love it in the comments.

Photo Credit: Stewart Shining Twitter



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  • Sunny

    i love you Rob ... URE SO HOT :)

  • KStewKrew

    Kristen you are one lucky girl!!!

  • Yiineth Saldana Ruiiz
    Yiineth Saldana Ruiiz


  • reem

    ohhhhhh my god he's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot i love him

  • reem

    ohhhhhh my god he's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot i love him

  • gugu


  • yahh.

    he looks like a young marlon brando in that pic OMG yeah he does! good observations, i love me some Marlon Brando via Streetcar named Desire. :)

  • sydsouth

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  • sydsouth

    * WHY......SO....SERIOUS?! * xD R.I.P. Hieth Leger anyways,

  • Doyle Lively
    Doyle Lively

    OMD!!!! Hes fit... HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lizbizz11

    I know this sounds weird but his jaw bone is so sexy.

  • lisa

    Massive airbrushing there

  • anon

    steamy?????????? sorry, i just cant see it.....

  • seharniazi

    he is looking hot............

  • merlin

    Lovely pic. He has always been an amazing and unusual looking person. He is maturing and in a good way. He used to be a beautiful boy, now he is becoming a sensual adult. I will not disrespect him by objectifying him, but I will say the lense loves him. Thanks for the treat. Please keep them coming

  • edward151

    Smokin Hot! Love Him! He looks so gorgeous in any photoshoot he does!

  • SkiBig

    I would f his brains out - sorry but true!!!! He is sooooooo smoking hot!!! I am not a celeb follwoing person but this guy does it, does it, does it!!!!!!!!! I would proposition him in a heart beat....

  • Lilly

    He's asking me "Why not take me home and pet me" there. I'm like, it's because I can't find you Rob. Where you at?