Willow Smith May Remake 'Parents Just Don't Understand'

Willow Smith May Remake 'Parents Just Don't Understand'-photo
In a recent interview with Yahoo! Music, Willow Smith revealed that her next hit single could be a remake of her dad Will Smith's very first radio-friendly tune "Parents Just Don't Understand" from 1988.

"There's a possibility that I will... it's a really great song," said Willow, who was born in the year 2000, 12 years after Will's breakthrough. For the record, she's nearly a decade ahead of the 19-year-old Fresh Prince himself since her smash single "Whip My Hair" debuted just before her 10th birthday.

Check out the interview below:

Now watch the original "Parents Just Don't Understand" and try to imagine Jada Pinkett Smith beating Willow with a rolling pin:

In related news, 9-year-old unknown figure skater Starr Andrews (and Willow's athletic doppleganger) performed "Whip My Hair" on ice during a competition, amping up the dance routine from the music video considerably by adding a few Olympic quality spin moves of her own to the anthem of unhindered hair swinging. Watch it below:

Would you like to hear Willow's version of "Parents Just Don't Understand"? Should Willow and Starr Andrews collaborate? Tell us in the comments section!



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