Celebrities Who Turned 30 In 2010 (PHOTOS)

While some people might consider turning 30 a scary thought, these stars who hit the big the milestone in 2010 are best described as 30 and thriving.

From Kim Kardashian's endless business ventures to Zachary Levi's animated turn in Disney's 50th animated feature, Tangled, these stars have only begun to hit their stride.

Click through the gallery to see the stars who hit the big 3-0! Which 30-year-old star is your fave? Hit the comments and let us know!



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  • iloveshoes

    looks better now than in her early twenties. beautiful

  • Master

    Who let the dogs out, amirite? .. .. yeah im right.

  • Mike

    I thought Jason Segel was like 38 already! Bwaahahaahah. Poor dude. He looks older than his actual old age.

  • Jenn

    Ewwwww Jake is a PEDO!! How can he be dating little Taylor Swift? She just got out of her teen years! She's so young and she's still very immature and very much like a child! She actually looks more like his little sister than his girlfriend when they are out together. Nasty!!!!