Report: Drake & Nicki Minaj Are Dating

Are They or Aren't They?
The rumor mill puts these celebs together!
Is rap superstar Drake dating Nicki Minaj?

Life & Style magazine reports that Nicki, 26, and Drake, 24, were spotted “dancing and cuddling” at a New Year’s Eve party that the wig-loving rap star was hosting in Miami. The pair allegedly canoodled until 4 a.m., when they were spotted leaving the club together.

What’s so strange about a rapper visiting one of his friends on NYE? Drake was originally slated to host his own New Year’s Eve party at a different club in MIA but he left the party early to go party with Nicki.

If the rumors of romance are true it would be a match made in rap heaven – the two have collaborated on songs together and both have taken the rap world by storm with their 2010 debut albums.

On Nicki’s song, “Moment 4 Life,” Drake raps that he “and Nicki Nick gettin’ married today” and he often refers to the rapper as his “wife” and “Mrs. Aubrey Drake Graham.”

Check out the two rap together on “Moment 4 Life” after the jump.

While he loves to flirt with Nicki in song, the Canadian rapper has laughed off rumors that the two are really married. Drake recently said that he was “joking around” when he referred to Nicki as his wife and said that he “never thought it would get so out of hand.”

The Drake-Nicki rumors might squash other musical hook-up rumors that have been plaguing Drake, namely that he is dating superstar diva Rihanna.

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