Expert: Lindsay Lohan Running Out of ‘Second Chances’

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Lindsay Lohan is back in headlines for allegedly violating her probation, and wouldn’t you know, her legal situation is already complicated just two days after being released from rehab.

People reported on Tuesday that Palm Desert police want Lindsay formally charged with battery stemming from an alleged altercation with a female Betty Ford Center staffer on December 12. TMZ spoke to that woman on Wednesday, who now says she believes the troubled starlet was under the influence of alcohol the night of their fight while still under medical care. However, she is opting not to press charges. On the other hand, local police seem intent on bringing LiLo back to court on the grounds that she violated her probation in a number of ways while at Betty Ford (the alleged fight and alcohol consumption) in addition to having refused to submit to a breathalyzer.

Celebuzz spoke with Stuart Slotnick, Managing Partner of Bucanan, Ingersoll and Rooney’s New York law office, about Lindsay’s odds if and when she is brought to trial for having violated probation once again, and to put it bluntly, the 24-year-old actress’ foretold outlook brings little cause for celebration.

“If Lindsay Lohan violated her probation, she’s going to find herself incarcerated and not in a rehab,” Slotnick believes. “She has received many second chances, and the judge before whom Lindsay Lohan will appear will know that she has received many second chances.”

On which potential charge would be the hardest to fight, there is a clear answer: being under the influence. “There are very sparse answers to why she had drugs or alcohol in her system unless she mistakenly ingested it.”

Conversely, Lindsay has much more room to explain her way out of the battery charge and is less likely to suffer consequences as a result of doing so. “I was defending myself,” Slotnick used as an example. “This woman was very aggressive with me.”

Could Lindsay herself be the victim, targeted by a fame hungry opportunist? Only time will tell: “[Her drug test results] will show whether she has been targeted or not and whether this woman is being opportunistic in trying to either get some media exposure or trying to cash in on what may or may not have happened with a big celebrity.”

“If she didn’t do anything wrong, her lawyers will start an investigation into this. They will get the records to show that she tested negative, if in fact, she did test negative every day. They may interview other people [at Betty Ford] so people don’t change their stories and they know what they’re facing.”

Based on the allegations against her, do you think Lindsay is on the fast track back to jail? Tell us what you think in the comments section.