Gwyneth Paltrow and Cee Lo Record “Forget You”

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Good news for Glee fans: guest star Gwyneth Paltrow is planning on recording a version of Cee Lo’s viral hit, “Forget You,” with the soulful singer.

People reports that the Gwyneth, 38, and Cee Lo, 36, were hard at work at studio MSR in New York on Monday. The two are reportedly recording a new version of “Forget You.”

“She sings like a natural,” Cee Lo said of the actress’ version of his hit song. Apparently Cee Lo was so impressed by the Oscar-winner singing abilities that he decided to record a song with her!

The Country Song actress’ version of “Forget You” appeared on Glee last year. Watch Gwyneth sing “Forget You” below.

If Cee Lo and Gwyneth release their version of “Forget You” together it will be the actress’ first studio release. However, Gwyneth does have some singing experience – she sang in Duets and her songbird skills will be featured in the upcoming Country Strong.

“Forget You” was originally recorded by Cee Lo under the less radio-friendly title of “F**k You.” Once the song became a viral hit, Cee Lo recorded a less curse-laden version of the song and “Forget You” was born.

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