Jamie Laou, Justin Bieber’s Web Clone: ‘Leave Justin Alone’

The new year of 2011 officially has its first viral star, and it’s 17-year-old Jamie Laou. The 17-year-old Australian teenager has won over hundreds of thousands of YouTube viewers thanks largely to his nearly mirror-image resemblance to Justin Bieber. Tapping into Bieber’s fanbase, Laou has even taken over Twitter and caused Bieber himself to throw a few words his way.

Celebuzz chatted exclusively with Laou via email to get his take on his newfound web stardom, what he plans to do with it, and what he thinks of Bieber’s alleged romance with Selena Gomez. Also, he weighs in on why people should leave Justin alone, and what he’d say to Baby Biebs if he ever bumps into him.

The (verbatim and gramatically uncorrected) e-mail conversation is after the jump.

You’re an official internet star. Was that the goal all along?

I hope it will help with my acting, Haha. I hope i can make more people smile in the future. Make sick kids forget there sick. Laugh a little.

Have the girls in school been treating you different lately since you’ve been blowing up online?

They have no idea about it haha, well my best friends do, by my normal friends have no idea. ;)

In your initial reply to me, you hinted that people have been acting negatively towards you and calling you names. What’s the worst things you’ve been called, and how are you dealing with them?

Wannabe. I just hate that word. i do NOT make singing videos i make random youtube video that make people laugh and come into my world where they can forget their problems. I got advice from my favorite singer Kina Grannis on @kinaGrannis. She says she just doesnt bother with them. She is like a mentor to me. So asking her Q’s is how i deal with it i guess. Or just having a laugh with my followers, reading all there support.

Justin Bieber even came to your defense, telling his fans to back off and even thanked you for your support. Do you think that was a classy move?

i Tell ya, that kid knows how to use his words, how to be careful with what he says, he doesnt quite SAY IT, he says it in a way where its tricky for you to understand what hes trying to say.. Hes a tricky fella.

Do you have sympathy for Bieber now that you have a taste of how people react to him?

Yes, Bieber has it so hard i dont know how he does it, i feel sorry for him and i see all these gossip sites making rumors and lies about him. He’s 16 not 34. People should leave him alone this is the time of your life where you start to discover the world and do things not hide from it and run away.

What are your thoughts on Justin’s relationship with Selena Gomez? Would you like to switch lives with him for one day to hang out with her?

Haha, I think justin should go for someone a little younger, like alyssa shouse, of youtube Signed by jason durulo haaha. I’m joking. Whatever makes them happy, people need to understand, they must have a private life that is PRIVATE or they will start to get upset with the world.

If you could meet Justin, what would you say to him?

I would say to justin bieber.. You know, if you want to reach out to your guy fans or gain some, make songs they will enjoy. Next CD, throw in some EMINEM and electric guitar. Don’t ignore them so much.

You say you’re just a kid with cool hair. How do you rock hair like that?

Well i wake up in the morning …. and WOLLA haha, its just the way its cut. Its not the product its just the Flip, flick and the way its cut.. thats all. Kinda like a bowl cut But layered i guess and not so bowlish HAHA.

Can you sing or dance?

I do dance in a dance class, i sing girls to sleep over the phone, when i want to sing good they say i can, but when its just for fun, im a idiot haha. Its more of a alone in your room type of thing, everyone does.

Finally, where do you see this all going?

Showing people that if i can do it they can, Making people laugh and smile is my goal. Trying to get enough people to join in with my videos. by replying. Acting is what im doing. Drama is the funnest class in school. I guess it helped me in life. Thank you Honey bunny.