Mega Millions Jackpot Mirrors ‘Lost’ Numbers

In what’s either one of the strangest coincidences ever or the greatest covert DVD marketing campaign in television history, Tuesday night’s massive Mega Millions drawing had many Lost fans scratching their heads, as four of the six winning numbers were identical to the infamous set of digits from the hit ABC show.

On Lost, the numbers that won Hurley his massive lotto jackpot (and also the numbers that had to be punched into the hatch computer to keep humanity alive in season 2) were: 4 8 15 16 23 42. The numbers were a recurring theme throughout the show, popping up in various places like license plates, ID numbers, etc. Tuesday’s Mega Millions winning combination, worth a staggering $355 million? 4 8 15 25 47 42.

So, what if you’re a Lost fanatic and played Hurley’s numbers? The combination of three standard numbers plus “42,” the bonus number, will net you $150.

Check out various instances of the ‘Lost’ numbers in this compilation video:

(Photo: / YouTube)

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