Report: Camille Grammer Leaving 'Real Housewives'

Report: Camille Grammer Leaving 'Real Housewives'-photo

It looks like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has just lost it's main villain.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Camille Grammer, Real Housewives star and soon-to-be-ex-wife of Kelsey Grammer, has bowed out of doing a second season of the hit reality show.

While news of a second season of the show has yet to be officially announced, Camille has reportedly decided to quit the series either way.

Camille has been the subject of much scrutiny since the beginning of the show, which aired late last year. The 47-year-old mother lost a lot of fans when she got into a bizarre fight with fan-favorite Kyle Richards. Camille claimed that Kyle insinuated that no one would care about Camille if she wasn't with her then-husband Kelsey, a claim that Kyle denies. The fight eventually snowballed into a constant sore subject between the two and reached a climax during a dinner party at Camille's house.

Watch below to see Camille attack Kyle's friend, Faye Resnick, at a dinner party.

Camille has also been criticized on the show for her close friendship to married tennis partner Nick Stabile and psychic Allison Dubois. During the dinner party episode, Allison and Camille claimed that Kyle's husband was cheating on her with multiple women.

The reaction to Camille amongst RHOBH has been so strongly negative that Life & Style has proclaimed the socialite the "most hate housewife" in the franchise's six-city run. Negative attention also forced Camille to shut down her Twitter account last year after fans attacked her for her attitude towards Kyle and her lavish lifestyle.

Meanwhile, HollywoodLife reports that Camille's co-stars have been forwarding each other clips from Camille's star turn in soft-core porn film The Naked Detective, and mocking her as "morally corrupt."

Are you sad to see Camille go? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



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  • funinthesun

    It's obvious that Camille isn't a saint...BUT let's not forget what her worthless husband, Kelsey did to her!!! Can you say PRICK?!?! Who calls their wife after 14 years of marriage by phone to tell her the marriage is over..."Kelsey Do"! To top it her false hope that if she did go to NY, they would spend time together...not just at the Tony Awards. Only to find out that she has been relpaced. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of Camille BUT her creepy husband Kelsey is the TRUE phony, disgusting liar here!!!

  • TVbuff

    Come on people. Granted, Camille leaves much to be desired, but Kyle and sister Kim are no prizes either. The fighting between them is unbearable. You can have all 3. Kyle and Kim are not my favorites.

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  • bella bella
    bella bella

    I just saw a magazine at the grocery store whose headline is the most hated houswife with a picture of that conniving Camille Grammer. She lost me on the first show when somebody said she had four nannies for two children. Clearly she had the children, but had no intention of coming in contact with them except for their birthdays and holidays. She is one icky woman. Thank Goodness Kelsey got well enough to realize this woman is /was the pits. She is phony from her fake everything to her pretense that she is anything other than a biatch. I would laugh every time she made a comment to the camera, she actually believed that we were laughing at her? She forgot that those people who hang around her are hangers on who need her to keep helping them financially so they will lie to her about any and everything. She hadn't a clue how pretentious she appears to the public. Poor sad sick rich girl....she is so jealous of kyle's husband and I think Kyle's love of her life and her children. Camille is a selfish, self-absorbed emotionally vacant beverly hills divorcee. For those who think Camille lost herself?? Grow up...She took golddigger 101 and went after Kelsey when he was in the midst of his drug addiction. No woman who has 4 houses and flaunts her money the way she does gave a damn about him except his money and fame. What she is learning is that she will be just another plastic surgery sychophant with her rich husband's money and the only men in her life will be after her money because she is no bargain.