Justin Bieber Rejects ‘Glee’ Without Cheryl Cole

Justin Bieber revealed this week to The Sun that he was offered a cameo on Glee but is holding back his “yes” until the show’s producers can meet his single demand:

I am going to tell the producers that it must be in the agreement that Cheryl [Cole] gets a part in the show as well.

This ultimatum isn’t out of the blue, however, as he’s already made his feelings about her crystal clear. In August, Biebs went on record saying he would date the Girls Aloud star if she wasn’t eleven years older than him. Now it looks like the young heartthrob will settle for admiring her hotness from behind a school desk:

It would be great if she played a substitute teacher taking a sabbatical from England or something. Can you imagine how hot Cheryl would look dressed as a school teacher? I have told her every time I have seen her that as soon as she lands in the US for The X Factor I am going to work with her.

Justin went on to praise her talents and to emphatically explain how much the role would jump start her career on our side of the Atlantic:

Cheryl and the show make total sense. It’s all about people who look good and can sing and dance – that’s totally Cheryl. Glee is a great way to introduce her to the States – everybody is watching it. She looks beautiful.

Do you think the producers of Glee will accept Bieber’s deal? Will Cheryl Cole begin receiving death threats?  Let us know what you think in the comments section.