Robert Pattinson To Battle Assassins

Robert Pattinson has already played a sparkling vampire (duh,) a womanizer and kindly circus vet. Now, prepare for R-Patz to get seriously gritty.

Deadline reports the Twilight vamp’s first post-Breaking Dawn role will be in Cosmopolis, a drama directed by “Baron of Blood” David Cronenberg (the guy behind A History of Violence.)

R-Patz will reportedly play “financial wunderkind” Eric Packer in the adaptation of accomplished author Don DeLillo’s novel, a role that will find his character wagering his vast fortune on a “tumultous day.” Read: prepare for action scenes as R-Patz finds himself in “the crosshairs for assassination!” (Heaven forbid!) Clearly it is time for Rob to turn to Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner for tips for beefing up and getting action star-ready.

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