Camille Grammer Debates ‘Housewives’ Return

Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Camille Grammer is kinda sorta setting the record straight about the reports she won’t return for season-two, telling Ellen Degeneres she hasn’t made up her mind.

“We haven’t decided that yet,” Camille tells Ellen on Friday’s show. “Right now, as everybody knows, I’m going through a divorce.”

The world is well aware that she is divorcing Kelsey Grammer, who Camille says urged her to do the show as he debunked to New York and took up with a younger lady (now-fiance Kayte Walsh). Viewers got to know the wife of the famed sitcom star, and not exactly in a positive light, considering she’s been dubbed the Most Hated Housewife Ever and was forced to shut down her Twitter account due to a high volume of haters.

Camille acknowledges people are “saying awful things” and “it’s very hurtful,” but she still might return for season-two of the Bravo dramafest.

“If I would do it, it would be to try to change my image. To try to change it around and have people see the other side of me that you don’t see on TV,” she told Ellen.

Should Camille come back for season-two? Sound off in the comments.

Photo Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.