‘Jersey Shore’ Premiere is MTV’s Most Watched Ever

Over eight million sets of eyes were on the Jersey Shore season three premiere on Thursday night, making it MTV’s highest rated telecast in its 29 year history. Amazingly, the whoppingly successful season two premiere was pummeled by this week’s episode, jumping almost 63% from the Miami opener.

But, did it deliver when it comes to Shore-based theatrics? That depends on how much drunken fisticuffs you can tolerate in an hour block, but Shore fans likely weren’t let down. In case you missed the goings on, here are Celebuzz’s key moments:

1) Due to a last minute self-ejection, The Situation did not get situated with the new girl, Deena, despite her best efforts and an unplanned, drunken wardrobe malfunction that exposed her nether regions to the stunned guido.

2) The third season’s first blow-up occurred (where else) in the hot tub between Snooki and her crush Vinny after she picked up on the fact that he too was inches away from hooking up with Deena, her good friend. His reason for passing over Snooki: “If I hook up with you and then hook up with another girl tomorrow, I don’t want to upset you.” Needless to say, his plea for a no strings attached night with Snooki didn’t end well.

3) Ronnie and Sammi arrived to the beach house first, and immediately chose the upstairs room with three beds. Everyone else, while scratching their heads at the couple’s decision, passed on being the third wheel in that room, so the burden fell on the last person to arrive, The Situation.

4) But the brawl to end them all was the evening’s most stellar (or trashy, depending on how you see it) moment. It began when Sammi laughed at Deena because her offer to snuggle with Sitch was rejected, but then snowballed faster than you can scream “b****!” into a punch-out between Sammi and Jwoww.

Watch the full episode here.

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