Gwyneth Paltrow To Romance Mr. Schue?

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Paging all Gleeks – there’s new Gwyneth Paltow scoop at McKinley High! There are spoilers ahead, so if you really really don’t want to know if there’s a budding romance between Gwyneth and Mr. Schue, stop reading here!

You already know that epic guest star Gwyneth will, in fact, be returning to Glee this spring, but the new scoop is that her subsitute alter ego Miss Holliday will be back as a sex education teacher and will devote some of her time to “educating” Matthew Morrison’s Mr. Scheu!

Co-creator Ryan Murphy tells EW:

Gwyneth is coming back for two episodes. She’s coming back specifically to date Will [Matthew Morrison]. Those two have become really good friends in real life and had really good chemistry….Gwyneth and I are emailing, talking every week: What are we gonna sing? We’re trying to do something fantastic. So she’ll be  [in episodes] 15 and 16. She comes back [to film] in January and she’s with us for three and a half weeks I think.

Not only is Gwyneth’s return to the halls of McKinley High an exciting piece of news, but the confirmation that Matthew and Gwyn are now “real life” buddies is rather heartwarming. What will they sing? Will Gwyneth break Schue’s heart? The anticipation would kill us, except she and Cee Lo will be rocking out on SNL this week.

What should Gwyn and Schue sing during her Glee redux? Sound off in the comments.

Photo Credit: FOX