‘Jersey Shore’ Girls Lipdub Against The Haters (VIDEO)

'Jersey Shore' Season 3
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Snooki, JWoWW and Deena Nicole have a message to their haters: they are “not w***es.”

The three Jersey Shore divas made a lipdub video to LMFAO’s “I Am Not a W***e” (yes, that’s an actual song) while showing off their club-honed dance skills in what looks like a fancy hotel room.

The gals have fun drinking red wine out of a bottle and making faces for the camera while jumping around the room.

Later in the video, Ronnie pops his head into the video to lip sync with the girls and jump on a nearby bed.

Ron’s appearance might come as a surprise to Jersey Shore fans since the beefy star got into a shouting match with Deena in the season premiere episode of the reality series last Thursday.

Maybe lipdubs have the power to bring people together? Check out the video below.

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