Jesse Tyler Ferguson Leaving ‘Modern Family’?

Don’t believe everything you read on Twitter.

Among the confirmation of ABC’s hit show being renewed for a third season, Modern Family actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson tweeted he would be exiting the show after that:

Excited about #ModernFamily’s early renewal. I’d like 2 take this time 2 announce that this year will be my last. #FarewellSeason. #Emmy

But alas, the jokester was only messing with us. Jesse’s rep confirmed to Celebuzz that he isn’t going anywhere:

It’s obviously a joke. He’s a funny-man!

Jesse also followed up, tweeting:

No, I’m not really leaving #ModernFamily. Apparently that last tweet caused a bit of chaos amongst press at #TCA. Seems like a slow news day

Touche, Mr. Ferguson. You had us going there for a minute!

Are you glad he is sticking around? Hit up the comments and let us know!