Tom Hardy Not Sober-Coaching Lindsay Lohan

Tom Hardy Not Sober-Coaching Lindsay Lohan-photo

UPDATE: A rep for Tom Hardy tells Fox 411 that the Inception star is not Lindsay Lohan's sober coach, nor have they even met, saying the TMZ report “is completely incorrect. I don't believe they know each other.”

TMZ reported earlier today that Lindsay had a new friend and sober coach in Inception dreamweaver Tom Hardy.

In between Lakers games and gym runs, Lindsay was said to be bonding with Hardy, 33, who has battled drug and alcohol addiction and got sober in 2003.

With upcoming roles alongside Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth, Hardy could be just the man to show Lindsay how getting sober can improve one's career. Lindsay and Tom could be a good romantic match, though Alcoholics Anonymous advises against relationships in the early stages of recovery.

Do you think Tom will be a good influence on Lindsay? Sound off in the comments.



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  • raysny

    In AA they use the slogan, "Doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results is insanity." So why does Lindsay keep going back for more ineffective 12step treatment after it hasn't worked for her time and time again?

  • Mike

    [quote=Mike Gallagher]She is a very beautiful young woman and I only hope for the best for her. She is a good actress, so maybe it is time that someone sends a good role her way. Well said Mike! Everyone needs to get off her back and lend her some support.

  • TD

    Oh yea I'm sure he's "sober-coaching" her all right. He's screwing her sober, that's what he's doing. Lets be real here people. Hopefully he won't be a "positive influence" like that dude that was with Bonehead Britney that drove her to the brink of self-destruction (several times). Only honest guy in the bunch, if he's AA he knows not to "coach" members of the opposite sex newly sober, that's something 17 year olds do, hook up with female AA's who are vulnerable and willing to replace booze with sex due to esteem issues. we don't have a lot of "rules" in AA, only 2, but we have "suggestions, and that's a big one. DON'T SLEEP WITH NEWBIES!

  • bfgair

    Well if anyone can be of help he would be the man in that he has come out of the closet. In other words he and she will both be looking for the same thing together a"A GOOD LOOKING MALE BUTT"

  • TD

    Whatever works. I hope for Lindsey's sake, she does well in her recovery. And I hate the people putting her down for her attempt at recovery. It doesn't matter how many times she tries, so long as it's one more then her failures. My prayers are with her as I know from my own experience, recovery is so much better then the alternitive. I hope she stays clean and can be an example for others. If she were trying, I'd agree with you, last I saw she walked out of the center she was at in under 72 hrs. I've been sober 19 years and relapsed more than once in my early days, but I was actually trying. I'd walk 6 miles round trip to go to 1 meeting

  • sherry

    I wish Lindsay all the best. The best thing the media can do is to leave her alone. I don't care how many times she goes to rehab. Whatever it takes.