Charlize Theron: ‘Snow White’s’ Evil Queen?

The beautiful Charlize Theron will soon have to tap into her inner ugly to play the apple-poisoning Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman, a retelling of the classic fairy tale.

Deadline reports (via Huffington Post) that Charlize landed the role of the fabled villainess in the reimagined Snow White, which will be told from the perspective of the huntsman charged with – gasp! – cutting out the princess’ heart. According to reports, the still-uncast Snow White will begin training with the huntsman in the woods, presumably to pull off a takedown of the Queen. (Hmm… wonder if they’ll fall in love?)

Citing producers, The Hollywood Reporter has said filmmakers are looking for an unknown actress for the role of Snow White. Meanwhile, Natalie Portman and Julia Roberts have been mentioned as possible Princess and Queen in another Snow White film in the works.

Celebuzz is awaiting comment from Theron’s reps on the Deadline story.

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