Mila Kunis: “I Was Blind in One Eye”

Mila Kunis is known for her beautiful big brown eyes but there is a dark secret behind her seductive stare.

Mila, 27, tells Cosmopolitan (via that she recently suffered from a bout of blindness in one of her eyes.

“I was blind in one eye for many years, and nobody knew,” the Ukraine-born actress tells the magazine. “I’m not blind anymore. I had surgery a couple of months ago. They cut it open and dropped a new lens in there.”

Mila suffers from chronic iritis, or inflammation of the iris. Other side effects of iritis include blurred vision, sensitivity to light and motion sickness. If the stunning actress did suffer from those side effect she did a great job of hiding her pain when she danced in Black Swan. Watch Mila show off her stuff in the Black Swan trailer below.

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