Miley Cyrus Wanted for Dark New Role

Miley Cyrus Wanted for Dark New Role-photo
With Hannah Montana wrapping up forever and ever, Miley Cyrus may soon be moving on to a dark, spooky, Inception-like thriller.

Disturbia director Christopher Landon declares that the upcoming thriller Wake is "sort of a vehicle for Miley Cyrus," who he says "is looking to sort of get out of her cutesy Hannah Montana image."

Landon tells the blog Shock Till You Drop that he hopes Miley will sign on to the movie about a girl with a freaky narcolepsy (sleeplessness) that finds her passing out and falling into other people's dreams. Wake could end up being the first in a horror franchise, as the film is based on the young-adult novels by author Lisa McMann.

If Miley really does want to break out of her Hannah mold, Wake could be just the ticket. Her post-Hannah movie career so far entails two teen movies, LOL, which is said to contain some racy elements, and So Undercover, the sorority-fest with new pal Kelly Osbourne.

Will Miley sign on for Wake? Celebuzz reached out to Miley's reps but has not yet received a response. Do you think she should do it? Sound off in the comments.



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  • mfan

    @Chris, I also am glad to read your knowledgeable and supportive-of-Miley posts. Though I have to companionably disagree about whether this is a good project for Miley. Many people who doubt Miley's longevity in show business will be convinced if she is part of a movie series. It's a little selfish of me, but I am tired of their doubt, and Wake, along with Wings, means I won't have to hear about that issue anymore. And in the movie biz, longevity equals respect.

  • smileymiley

    Celebuzz, as usual, you are confused. Miley Cyrus is already signed on to this project, as of last June, according to Hollywood Reporter, which is a lot more reliable than you are. They've been waiting for Landon to finish the script. The main character in this story is 17 and the books are in the juvenile category, which means that younger teens (11-15) are the main readers. If she wants to break away from the Disney curse, she should probably go for more mainstream horror, which older teens and young adults are more likely to see. So, I think this is a bad choice for Miley, but unfortunately, she's already signed to the project. The last movie she made, LOL, is about a teenager, but it's about a real-life teenager doing the things real teens do, like smoking marijuana, having sex for the first time, and all the other real-life stuff teens get into, so that will help her get away from the Disney thing. The movie she's making right now is an action-comedy where she plays a private eye, also a good choice to get her away from the Disney curse. you know chris i admire your acurate and detailed news about miley, please keep correcting the misnewsed infos here... thanks!!!

  • smileymiley

    [quote=hate miley]That *va jay jay* can't act. CAST SELENA GOMEZ! A REAL ACTRESS! not some boring bitch! SELENA CANT ACT SCREW YOU!!!

  • i hate miley
    i hate miley

    i miley i looked up to you but now i cant look at you i hate you !!!!!!!!!!!! why miley why do that to us

  • Rodrigo Morales Villa
    Rodrigo Morales Villa

    Come Back to TWITTER, please!!!

  • sheesh

    Great, ANOTHER good book series that is about to be epically ruined.. give her a breake will u

  • misskristimusic

    selena is really good actress and miley too

  • Jmaue

    Ok I have to speak up about the Narcolepsy reference. Narcolepsy is a very debilitating disorder that causes a lot of people to struggle through life. It is as common as M. S. and yet under funded and often misunderstood. Narcolepsy is estimated to effect 1 in 2000 people. I am not sure what the books are like that he is getting the ideas from, but I wish he would lay off the Narcolepsy theme.

  • Brian Cyrus
    Brian Cyrus

    Awesome,Miley can do anything..she is a total pro and can do anything she sets her mind to. Looks amazing!!

  • .

    i think she should do it . if she did it im gonna watch it not other tweenies . although even demi lovato can do it its fits her too

  • anna

    this is just my opinion, and feel free to disagree, but: since when did movies become a "chance" for typecast actresses to "prove" themselves? Actresses these days seem to go for roles that are "mature" rather than roles they care about... I find that sort of unprofessional.

  • Kari

    Great, ANOTHER good book series that is about to be epically ruined..

  • Angel

    Why do u hate miley so much she did not do anythig to u okay so why u wasting ur time talk sh*t about her she make her money [quote=hate miley]That *va jay jay* can't act.CAST SELENA GOMEZ!A REAL ACTRESS!not some boring bitch!

  • las

    uh.. she is already signed on to do the movie...not " he hopes Miley will sign on to the movie "


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