Hear Miley Cyrus Record New Tune (AUDIO)

Hear Miley Cyrus Record New Tune (AUDIO)-photo
We know Miley Cyrus can't be tamed; she's proving it once again in an edgy snippet from a new recording session!

In another collaboration with Rock Mafia, the music group behind her steamy "The Big Bang" video, Miley can be heard laying down a track on a new electro-pop tune called "Morning Sun."

Click here to the listen to the Rock Mafia-released preview audio (via Hollywood Life.) Full disclosure: there's only about :20 of Miley goodness, and some of it is clouded by high-tech studio production that we don't really understand, but a preview's a preview, people!

What do you think of "Morning Sun" (so far)? Sound off in the comments.



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  • jeeesh

    love the fact that they are called Rock Mafia, like they are all hard core rock and roll instead it's shockingly awful pop with every word auto tuned. yay for the generation of crap music that we have nowadays.