Kim Kardashian Slams Lip Injection Rumors

Kim Kardashian Slams Lip Injection Rumors-photo
Kim Kardashian has recently been accused of getting filler injections in her lower lip, but the stunning reality star says there's nothing unnatural going on.

"Why would I just do my bottom lip?" Kim, 30, asks Extra. "Trust me, I've tried Botox on the show. I'm the first one to talk about anything that I do. It really pisses me off that all of these plastic surgery rumors are always linked to me."

Kim was accused by critics of getting lip injections when she was photographed with a slightly fuller-looking mouth earlier this week.

When the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star saw recent photos of herself she did notice that her "top lip was smaller and [her] bottom was huge" but she insists that her recent bout with the flu is the only explanation for her plumper-looking lips. Besides, Kim says that someone would have to "be the worst doctor on Earth to do one lip and not the other."

Kim has freely admitted to getting Botox (she was filmed getting injections on her reality show) and she claims it's the only plastic surgery that she has experimented with in the past.

Surgery rumors aside, Kim says that she is comfortable with her lip size: "It's definitely something that I would never do [...] I think my lips are big enough for my taste level."

What do you make of the Kim lip injection rumors? Share your thoughts in the comments.



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  • avril

    I think she used all Skin Vitality treatment, not just botox or cellulite treatments. She had a partnership with Nivea and suddenly she got rid of her cellulite using a cream, she used botox and now fillers.... I wonder if she had any plastic surgery....?

  • kim

    Kim looks so beautiful and amazing! this is a surprise for me...I didn't know that she used botox injection in the past...

  • Ann

    She did her lips ! It's obvious. And ugly.

  • mary Monroe
    mary Monroe

    Her upper lip was done last year in August .. I've compared pictures before August of last year and there is a great difference.. I can't believe that she would come up with lie and not just tell the truth, its pretty obvious... she did a great job with covering it up with the make up. I don't like the look, she doesn't look natural since i've realized her lips looks different.

  • Tom

    I always thought she had injections! Tom @ lose stomach fat

  • heygirl

    lol whatever, she obvs got her nose done. Your face doesn't randomly get tighter, your cheeks fullers, and eyes tinier. She's trying to look like Jennifer Lopez, who she has said a million times is her idol. Unlike Kim, j.lo is all natural, but included. She might not have gotten her lips done, but her nose is so tiny now her lips look bigger

  • kkFan

    her face looks long and narrow now. It has definetly changed dramaticaly. As for her lips I don't think she did anything. I wish she would just come forward and admit or at least talk about her face.

  • Ramya Vengadessin
    Ramya Vengadessin


  • just saying
    just saying

    Kim looks natural to me, I thing she has the best make up artist and she is somply the most Gorg celebrity out there.Well, we remember how heidi lloked brfore her work was done, I almost couldn;t recognise her, about Kim, noone is positive, because she was always stunning!!!

  • Cori

    Kim Kardashian is liar! She had just as much work done as Heidi Montag who I admire for at least admitting it.

  • jennifer etoile
    jennifer etoile

    i agree idk about her lips but she got stuff done to her face.. admit itttttttttt! were not stupid