Rooney Mara Comes Out as Lisbeth Salander on ‘W’

After getting a tame glimpse of Rooney Mara’s Girl With the Dragon Tattoo transformation earlier this week, the public is getting an in-your-face look at her full metamorphosis into Lisbeth Salander thanks to an exclusive spread in February’s issue of W Magazine.

On the cover of the annual “movie issue,” a cleavage-baring, tattooed and pierced Mara unveils what the U.S. version of Lisbeth will look like, which is quite similar to Noomi Rapace’s look in the Swedish versions of the film. Sporting tightly-cropped  jet-black hair and nothing but a leather jacket, Mara’s definitely displaying the toughness that the role will require.

In the W interview, Mara admits “I didn’t think I could” become Lisbeth, but a reading marathon changed all that. “I locked myself in a room for a week and read all three books, and decided I really wanted to be Lisbeth. But I thought I had no shot at it.”

Mara went for the gusto when transforming herself into Lisbeth, getting all the piercings (ears, eyebrow, nose and nipple) and dye-jobs that the role required.

“I didn’t even have pierced ears … They put four holes in each ear, and, weirdly, that hurt the most. It was all very organized.”

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