Selena Gomez’s Facebook, Twitter Hacked (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez’s Facebook and Twitter accounts have been hacked by what appears to be a foul-mouthed prankster.

On Wednesday morning a person calling themselves “PkinJ0r” posted a video on the 18-year-old Selena’s popular Facebook fan page declaring that he or she had successfully “hacked” Selena’s page.

The prankster accessed the “Year Without Rain” singer’s account by making themselves an administrator on her page and began posting salacious comments about other celebrities, including Selena’s rumored boyfiend Justin Bieber.

Watch the video below.

After posting the video, the hacker made another post declaring “oh yeh [sic] JUSTIN BIEBER SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!” and calling an unknown person named “puha” a “b***h.”

The hacker claims that he or she hacked the account to “show how easy Facebook’s new security firewall is to bypass.”

Selena’s Facebook is linked up to her Twitter account so messages that she (or anyone with access) posts on her Facebook will show up immediately on her Twitter feed.

Eventually, Selena and her team caught on to the hacker and scrubbed away the hacker’s posts and tweets.

“Sorry everyone,” Selena wrote on her Facebook wall. “My Facebook Page and Twitter account have been hacked and we are cleaning it up.”

This isn’t the starlet’s first brush with hackers: Selena’s MySpace page was hacked in 2009 by a mystery prankster who made cryptic blog posts about Selena and her celebrity friends.

SelGo isn’t the first teen star to be cyber-attacked by internet pranksters– Miley Cyrus has been repeatedly targeted by hackers which led to some embarassing photos of the young star getting leaked online. Justin, Selena’s rumored boyfriend, has also been targeted by hackers who once attempted to send the “Baby” singer to North Korea.

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