Suri Cruise + Petting Zoo = Cute Overload

Anything involving photos of Suri Cruise is bound to lead to melting hearts, butterflies in the stomach and an overall sense of happiness thanks to her adorable nature. Throw a petting zoo into the mix, and it's borderline dangerous to have that much cute in one photo.

Suri was on the set of Jack & Jill with mom Katie Holmes, where the two were treated to a petting zoo for some reason or other. Suri and Katie got close and personal with a white bunny, a brown sheep and another unidentified black fuzzy thing during the petting frenzy.

Enjoy the wonders of Suri's petting zoo visit in our gallery.



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  • Scot

    Suri is gorgeous! The loveliest Hollywood kid for years. Happy birthday, poppet. Enjoy your day - and enjoy your life. She's a lovely girl, sweet and gorgeous. Love ya poppet!


    suri look so beautiful

  • tahoegeminii

    the kid looks petrified of the animals-plus why is she white like a ghost??? that girl is already one of the most spoiled children in history-and it shows -I wonder if she will freak out the the way "Chaz" Bono did

  • Scot

    Molly, how can you say that? She's an adorable little poppet!

  • mollymac

    I'm sorry, but I'm not a fan of Suri Cruise. She doesn't melt my heart or make me smile. Just another spoiled kid who doesn't get the word NO. The attraction just isn't there. Besides, when is she going to start carrying Katie?

  • nikko

    I agree. this little girl is never dressed the proper way when it's cold. I've never seen her in pants. If she doesn't like them then put her on some tights with a sweater dress and boots.

  • nikko

    Where is Suri's long pants? It is cold out there. Everyone is wearing a coat eventhough Suri's is flapping wide open, and it appears that Suri is sneezing. Please start dressing her appropriate to weather mom. She needs you to be mom and not "palsey walsey". Just an observation from another mom who knows how to zip up a jacket and put jeans on a cold kid in the winter time!