Adam Lambert Suffers Backlash Over 'Teen Mom' Comments

Adam Lambert Suffers Backlash Over 'Teen Mom' Comments-photo
Adam Lambert has given birth to yet another controversy—this time over the MTV reality series Teen Mom.

The "Whataya Want From Me" belter has suffered an online backlash in recent days, after calling the series—whose star, Amber Portwood, was recently charged with domestic battery and neglect of a dependent—"depressing."

The brouhaha began late last week, when Lambert took to his Twitter account and lamented,

"This Teen Mom show on MTV is so depressing. I know it's "real life" but shouldn't there be programming that inspires kids to shoot higher? #glorifyingwhitetrash"
This apparently didn't sit well with many of Lambert's online fans—and apparent Teen Mom viewers—as the singer was quickly forced to clarify,
"I'm not saying that all teen moms are white trash. Don't misunderstand. Yet, most of the ones on that show seem to be. I do, however, think they're are being exploited a bit."
Alas, Lambert's mea culpa failed to satisfy the detractors, many of whom rushed for the "unfollow" button in response to his remarks. As Lambert noted,
"Woah I lost some followers yesterday cuz I had a valid opinion about a tv show. Hahah. #sensitivesallies."
Do you agree with Lambert's views on Teen Mom, or do you think he was being too harsh? Let us know in the comments section.


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  • Lynette Rae Schultz
    Lynette Rae Schultz

    I totally agree with Adam. That show is a train wreck,and should be taken off of television. There is no redeeming value to it. Basically it's "Look I got knocked up, and now I have a show." And that Amber girl? Her child should be taken away from her. She is awful.

  • tess4ADAM

    It has been brought to my attention by my granddaughter that there are clubs forming concerning this program and how to become a part of it. Teens are trying to figure out how they can GET PREGNANT so they can GET ON the show!!!! This is frightening & the show should be CANCELLED immediately BEFORE it does anymore DAMAGE to these kids!! @adamannette: YOU are WRONG but then ADAM doesn't need fans like you ... there are so many others that use their heads & hearts before they start to use their computers!

  • nicole

    i strongly agree with adam i support him no matter what :)

  • Sarah

    totally agree. these girls need to have a little bit more respect for themselves. maaaaaybe Adam should have made himself a little more clear the first time, but he IS right. agree 1000% and love him 100%

  • Debbie

    I'm in complete agreement with Adam. He told the truth and it hurt some people's feelings. What's new!

  • Laura

    [quote=Angelica Leroy]There's nothing "low" about being a parent.I myself was not a teen mom, but there's no higher calling than to be exactly who you want to be. If that's a physicist, doctor, or a mother, so be it. I agree with you on THAT. I myself can't wait to be a mother someday. But you obviously haven't seen previews for the Teen Mom show. Do you know that the one of the Teen Mom's from the first season and one from season two are having this sort of fight? Mom#1 tweeted. "“Its funny how the other original teen moms have to get jealous over us." (just one of the tweets exchanged). Also... that girl in the pic up there next to Adam's, do you know she's using her new found fame to try and become a pin-up girl? This is NOT about being proud to be a mother, this is about fame. And it's rather sickening.

  • cindy

    [quote=Sharon Sullivan]Unfortunately a honest and truthful tweet has gotten way more attention than it should have. If anyone else had made that comment no one would care. Adam is 100% right but the remark or tag referring to Whitetrash was made about the type of ppl that are sensationalized on that show. The producers of the show Teen Moms picked the worst possible examples of teen moms to get high ratings. Most intelligent ppl wouldnt even watch such a trashy show. Why aren't there articles about the content of that show instead ppl lash out at someone who tells the truth. Anyway this is old news. He has gained 5000 followers & lost less than 2K. Wish more ppl would stand up against such low & demeaning shows. I agree completely. I think Adam was Right On!

  • Jada

    Adam have shown us again (and again) that he's smart, outspoken, connected with the moment and BRAVE! WE LOVE ADAM !!!!!!!!!!!!! HEART AND SOUL!