Cast the New ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Reboot!

Charlie’s Angels got the movie reboot treatment a few years back, and now it’s coming back to the small screen. So, Celebuzz is leaving it up to you to pick who should be in it.

Entertainment Weekly reports that ABC has greenlit a pilot based on the hit ’70s show, which will now take place in modern-day Miami. Drew Barrymore and her production company, Flower Films, will produce.

Gossip Girl director Mark Piznarski has been offered to direct, but we all know what’s most important: casting! No word yet if they’re going down the unknown route or will recruit some of Hollywood’s heavy hitters, but Celebuzz wanted to give you guys a chance for your voice to be heard.

Who do you think should be one of Charlie’s Angels? Let us know in the comments, and we’ll compile a gallery of the best ideas and give you a shout out!