Golden Globes Battle: Natalie Portman vs. Michelle Williams

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As the Golden Globes creep up faster and faster, Celebuzz is taking a look at individual showdowns in each category. While we already debated the duel between Emma Stone and Angelina Jolie, we’ve now moved on to one of the biggest battles of the night: Best Dramatic Actress. While Nicole Kidman certainly has a shot at winning, we’re pitting young Hollywood starlets Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams against each other. Who will walk off with a nice Golden trophy? Here’s the breakdown:

Natalie Portman

Why She Has a Chance: Natalie’s chilling performance in Black Swan had Globe/Oscar buzz all over it even before the movie opened. It’s a role that awards are made for: Losing tons of weight, perfecting another artistic craft, and more importantly, devolving into sheer insanity. The deeper Natalie’s character fell into nutjob town, the more her chances of scoring an award grew. Plus, perhaps some icing on the cake is her recent pregnancy and engagement news. Who could say no to a pregnant lady?

Why She Might Not Win: Oversaturation is always something that can come back to bite an actor, and with all of the buzz Natalie’s garnered, it’s possible it could lead to being overlooked. Plus, she lost at the National Board of Reviews, which is often seen as a Globe/Oscar predictor.

Watch Natalie in Swan:

Michelle Williams

Why She Might Win: Controversy tends to lead to intrigue, and Williams’ Blue Valentine certainly has no shortage of scandal. The film was initially slapped with an NC-17 rating thanks to a rather real oral sex scene (did the MPAA not see Black Swan?), but it eventually got its R rating back. That piqued people’s interest, and her on-screen chemistry with Ryan Gosling is the talk of the town.

Why She Might Not Win: Aside from the scandal news, Valentine hasn’t garnered too many headlines thanks to its very late release date. Much of the public hasn’t had the chance to see the film yet, hence there’s not much external hype or push.

Watch Michelle in the Valentine trailer:

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