Hailee Steinfeld ‘Very Excited’ to Present with Justin Bieber

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True Grit’s 14-year-old break-out star Hailee Steinfeld, in her short time as a celebrity, has now attained the holy grail of the tween world – presenting an award on live TV with Justin Bieber at the Golden Globes.

“Yes, I am,” she told NBC’s Today Show. “I’m very excited.”

As for her young Beliebing friends and their potentially shell-shocked minds, Hailee says she’s mostly kept her good news under wraps: “I actually haven’t told too many,” Hailee explained. “So when they watch this they are going to freak out!”

“But yes, I’m very excited,” she confessed. “It will be fun.”

Here’s the full Today interview. Skip to the 4:15 mark to hear her comments on Bieber:

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