Jesse Eisenberg vs. James Franco in Golden Globes Battle

Jesse Eisenberg vs. James Franco in Golden Globes Battle-photo

The Golden Globe race for Best Actor in a Drama is sure to be a Battle Royale, considering the five formidable contenders in the category. There's The King's Speech actor Colin Firth, who's considered an Oscar frontrunner, Blue Valentine's Ryan Gosling, one of the greatest young actors in the biz and rapper-turned-real actor Mark Wahlberg, who got tough in The Fighter.

Props to all of them, but we at Celebuzz have boiled down the battle to the two It Boys, 127 Hours star James Franco and The Social Network's Jesse Eisenberg.

First up, Franco:

Why He Has a Shot: Franco went for broke in 127 Hours, playing real-life hiker Aron Ralston, who not only amputated his arm when he became trapped in a Utah canyon, but videotaped gut-wrenching goodbyes to his loved ones. If this isn't an awards role, we don't know what is! Also, James was passed over by the Globes for his much-loved turn in Milk. Now may be the perfect time for the Hollywood Foreign Press to pony up!

Why He Might Not Win: He's all over the place. Franco the perennial student, novella writer and General Hospital guest star might have voters distracted from his "serious" acting. Also, he lost at this week's National Board of Review awards, where Eisenberg triumphed.

Jesse Eisenberg:

Why He Has a Shot: Everybody loves a newcomer. In 2009, Jesse was nominated for an MTV Movie Award. These days, he's picking up the prestigious National Board of Review's honor for Best Actor for his much-buzzed-about role in The Social Network. Not only did he breathe life into Facebook mastermind Mark Zuckerberg, he put himself on the map as the Next Big Thing. A win would mean Jesse would go from never even getting nominated for a Globe - to being one of the night's big winners!

Why He Might Not Win: He's the newcomer. While Jesse's newbie status could be the thing that lands him the Globe, it could also work against him when competing against his more seasoned fellow nominees. (See: Oscar nominees Firth and Gosling.) Also, his acceptance speech could be really awkward.

Who should win the Globes battle - James or Jesse? Sound off in the poll below.



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  • Jordan

    Firth. Firth all the way, neither of these boys come CLOSE to what he did in the King's Speech.

  • em

    of course James Franco!! 127 hours is amazing

  • Um Imran
    Um Imran

    I don't know enough to comment on Jesse's performance, but anyone who has seen James' facial expressions during the amputation scene, and the heartfelt video, we believe that he was the guy in the canyon, we felt his pain, and we were with him the whole time. He basically the only character in the movie for 90 minutes (protagonist, antagonist, comic relief), so if that is not oscar worthy, I don't know what is! I mean, acting opposite others is what actors do, that's how they are trained. So if you want to see some "serious" acting, you have to see actors in challenging scenes, and see whether they can make the scene believable or not.

  • Lucila Contartese
    Lucila Contartese

    GO JAMES!!