Justin Bieber’s ‘Unrivaled DJs’ Video: Exclusive Details

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Justin Bieber added to his growing list of musical partners this week, thanks to his video collaboration with newly formed all-star DJ collective The Unrivaled DJs. In the video, the normally jovial 16-year-old “Baby” singer breaks form and plays arch-nemesis to the newly formed DJ supergroup (which consists of renowned spinners DJ Reflex, DJ Melo-D, DJ Kevin Scott, DJ Spryte and DJ E-Man), warning them via video screen at the end of the clip that he’s coming to “get” them. And while Bieber’s appearance is brief, it does give evidence to the heartthrob’s ever-increasing dramatic chops.

Celebuzz caught up with DJ Reflex—who’s also worked with such musical heavy hitters as Kanye West—to get the lowdown on The Unrivaled DJs and their brush with Bieber.

Reflex notes that the merry band of DJs—all of whom were “friendly competitors on the DJ scene” prior to converging in their current form—came together “less than a month ago” in an effort to “stir things up a bit and just have fun at what we do.” The video itself was conceived by Reflex as an “action movie-inspired trailer for the crew.”

So how did Bieber come to be involved? According to Reflex, convincing the My World singer to come aboard for the star-studded clip—which also includes Flo Rida, Will.i.am and Common—was surprisingly easy:

“With some help from Justin’s manager and record label, he was just a phone call away and we shot his piece first, so he’s just now seeing the rest of the project. So he was actually the first on board, which we were thankful for.”

Reflex adds that, while  Bieber was obviously game to play the heavy in the video, the pace at which the project was assembled left all of their guest stars scrambling to embrace their roles:

“It was always funny trying to explain to the artists what the entire vision was, considering we shot it all with a few days and they had nothing to reference. So you could imagine the reactions from Flo Rida when I say, ‘Hey so I need you to pretend you’re our [physical] trainer’ or ‘Hey Will, you’re our commander and I’m going to put you in outer space.'”

Given that the video ends with a cliff-hanger, as Bieber issues his ominous warning to the freshly hatched super-group, it’s only natural to ask: Is there a sequel in the works? While Reflex keeps specifics close to his vest, he certainly leaves the door open to collaborating with Justin again:

“Bieber is a fun guy, [we] would love to have him in more videos including a sequel to this of him as ‘Evil Biebs.'”

Would you like to see Bieber get evil again? Let us know in the comment section—after checking out his video collaboration with The Unrivaled DJs below, in case you missed it:

(The Unrivaled DJs will be hitting the road to play Las Vegas and other major cities in 2011. Follow them on Twitter @UnrivaledDJs for show details.)