Orlando Bloom: $1 Million for Two-Minute ‘Hobbit’ Role?

Looks like Orlando Bloom will have plenty of diaper money for his new bundle of joy.

According to Movieweb, the former Pirates of the Caribbean hunk will reportedly rake in $1 million to reprise his role as Legolas in the upcoming movie The Hobbit. Which might not sound like much by movie-star standards, but Bloom will reportedly be on screen for less than two minutes, making for a pretty impressive per-minute rate—and, reportedly, he’ll rake in more than Hobbit leads Robert Kazinsky and Aidan Turner—who’ll play Bilbo Baggins’ sidekicks Fili and Kili—combined.

The Hobbit will hit theaters in November 2012. Don’t blink—or you might miss Orlando Bloom’s $1 million role.

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