Pete Wentz Insults His ‘Ridiculous’ Pre-Cut Hair (VIDEO)

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The Long and Short
Pete Wentz is one of the many celebrities starring in the new online series Double Take for Power Balance, where celebs take on the challenge of interviewing themselves. Strangely enough, his hair–which was recently totally overhauled–was a big topic of conversation.

In this goofy, laughable interview, Wentz brings up questions regarding the not so secret life of whether he is a vampire as well as much more:

I get it, Pete Wentz, vampire, eyeliner thing. I wasn’t in Twilight.

He also makes it clear that his skinny jeans trend was not started after trying on a pair of his wife, Ashlee Simpson Wentz’s jeans.

Wentz, still sporting his “emo cut” during the interview, went back-and-forth with himself about the look:

“So when do you have to give Joan Jett her hair back?”

“KD Lang from Lilith Fair, the second year wants her hair back.”

“Your hair, it does look ridiculous. You know that right?”

“I’d probably pull off that f***ing lego hair on your head. Idiot!”

Maybe he actually took something from the interview and did away with his classic ‘do.

Want to watch a glimpse of Wentz kissing himself? Click on the video above to see it along with many more questions Wentz addresses in the online series produced by Converge and sponsored by Power Balance.

If you had the chance to interview yourself, what questions would you ask? Comment Below.

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