Susan Boyle Is Back in the Studio

Susan Boyle Is Back in the Studio-photo
Good news, Susan Boyle fans; your favorite Scottish songbird has returned to the recording studio to begin work on her third album.

British newspaper The Sun reports that Boyle is working on her third studio release, following the huge success of The Gift, which dominated the charts last year, selling in excess of 1.85 million copies in the United States alone. Boyle will be working with producer Steve Mac, who has worked the mixing board for such artists as Leona Lewis and Westlife. According to reports, Boyle's label, Syco, is hoping to push it into release as soon as possible.

Are you excited to hear more Susan Boyle? And what do you hope she sings this time out? Share with us in the comments section.



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  • Joye Kiihnl Polk
    Joye Kiihnl Polk

    The best version of I dreamed a dream was the one that Ms. Boyle sang on BGT in 2009. She has a beautiful POWERFUL voice, would you please let her use it to the fullest.

  • Tina

    Yes! I gree " I also want to just hear her great loud backup singers."

  • tina

    I whish susan use her orginal voice like she first time singing on 2009 april

  • Meg

    I would like newer stuff. also songs of her own. NO Christmas, No Religion, NO politics. She has the voice, lets hear the music.

  • Gay

    I would love Susan to make a CD of Hymns she sings them with such sincerity. Hymns like - I Need. Thee Every Hour. Let Healing Hands be Mine. I"ll Walk with God. the Lord's my Shepherd Because God made Thee Mine. No Man is an Island. Eli Jenkins Prayer. You Raise me Up.

  • Elaine

    I want to hear Susan sing anything she wants to sing the WAY she wants to sing it. I want to hear her "big" voice again. No backup singers. Just Susan and not too much musical accompaniment either. This woman's voice stands alone. Yes, I also want to just hear her great loud backup singers. She has such a great voice that she doesn't need anyone doing backup for her....Show tunes would be great...

  • Dot

    I love when she sings songs that have high notes to hear her hit high notes. I also like songs that are written for her. I want to see her stretch herself, but then again, I love anything she sings,........ Row Row Row your Boat, would be fine.

  • Chan Ai Lin Chong
    Chan Ai Lin Chong

    Love to hear her sing much music from any musical. She is such a lovely person. She has such a strong and beautiful voice, so she can sing anything. Love the duet she and Elaine Paige sang. Good luck Susan with love.

  • Dawn

    IYES, I am excited about this new CD! I would like to hear Susan sing SIBONEY and VIA DOLOROSA (Easter song). Both are very powerful and Susan could really show her stuff with both of them! But, I will buy any CD she makes. In my opinion, Susan is first class in every way. God Bless You, Susan! Love You! FaithfulFanDawn, Los Angeles, Calif., USA

  • JKS

    I would love to see her sing classics, and songs from musicals such as CATS or MY FAIR LADY.. It would be wonderful if she could also sing :If I could fly.." Duets would be great too.

  • Margaret

    That is good news .!!!cannot wait !!! It is exciting !!!!! I am sure it will be a surprise once again ...Love Margaret xxx