Taylor Swift: 'Back to December' (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift: 'Back to December' (VIDEO)-photo
Gwyneth and Taylor
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Taylor Swift's new video for 'Back to December' has been unveiled for the world to see, and it features all of T-Swift's video staples: A love story, with Taylor pining for a fella's affection.

The tune, rumored to have been written about Swift's breakup from Twilight hunk Taylor Lautner, was supposed to hint at an apology about a bad split. In the video, Swift mails a letter to her heartbroken lover, who reads it (in frigid weather) and seems to give that "Should I forgive her?" look as the video comes to an end.

Check out the video after the jump, and please do analyze it for us in the comments!



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  • Lautner fan
    Lautner fan

    I'm so glad Jake Gyllenhaal dumped her over the phone. It's karma for the way she treated Taylor Lautner. This girl doesn't know a good thing when she sees it. She goes after bad boys and breaks up with good boys. I'm tired of her making it sound like SHE'S the victim. She knew John Mayer was trash but still went out with him. Then had the nerve to write a song bashing him. Now she goes out with 30 year old Jake knowing that a guy that old is after just one thing. He got it and then broke up with her. Cry me a river why don't you.