Taylor Swift Dumped Over the Phone--Again!

Taylor Swift Dumped Over the Phone--Again!-photo
Gwyneth and Taylor
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Taylor Swift might want to consider signing up for a new phone plan—one that blocks phone calls from boyfriends looking to break up with her.

Us Magazine reports that the Speak Now singer—who was famously dumped by former beau Joe Jonas during a brief phone call—once again felt the sting of rejection over the phone lines from her most recent flame, Jake Gyllenhaal.

According to a source, the Love and Other Drugs actor, 30, brought their relationship to an end with a phone call just before New Year's Eve, abruptly ending their two-month, whirlwind romance.

And multiple insiders say that Swift was totally taken by surprise by the telephonic split. Says one source,

"It was a 180-degree turn and so out of the blue."
Another source confirms,
"Jake just told her it wasn't working out...Taylor is really upset and hurt. She doesn't know what she did for him to put a stop to it. She feels really burned by him."
The split must have been especially shocking for Swift, given Gyllenhaal's reported habit of lavishing her with extravagant gifts.

Were you also shocked by Swyllenhaal's abrupt demise? And who do you think Taylor should date next? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.



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  • V

    Hmmm...what rhymes with Jake??? Mistake, fake, jump in a lake...can't wait for the song! hahahahahahhahahahahhaha LOL!!

  • Lori

    Hmmm...what rhymes with Jake??? Mistake, fake, jump in a lake...can't wait for the song!

  • showmance

    leave taylor alone she is not crazy and taylor and taylor should get back together LOL, he is gay just like Jake!

  • JJ

    There was no dumping, just SHOWMANCE and tons of PR lies about boring phonies.

  • lully

    Was I shocked? Not really, I didn't care. me neither..

  • team jake
    team jake

    I agree she is too clingy and needy. They guys seemed to be attracted to her but then once they get her, she is TOO much. So they get some sex out of her and then run for cover before she starts talking marriage. This girl has issues. Jake must have been desperate to get out of the relationship to break up with her on the phone knowing she was going to sing about it. But I don't blame him, she is in love with love and too clingy.

  • Swift indeed!
    Swift indeed!

    Maybe they know she'll give it up, so they take it and move on. Obviously that's what's happening. She's very young, maybe she should consider laying low on the men (not on her back of course).

  • V

    I agree with some girls, who says that taylor is a little bit coo-coo (besides quickly)... I mean she did a big deeeeeeeeeeeal with john mayer, and what? They make out once, twice? Maybe they have sex once? No more. The guy is a womanizer, everyone knows that. I love JM's music, but I know that the guy is not serious, and even less serious if they never start to dating, that girl has some serious issues...

  • longliveswift13

    leave taylor alone she is not crazy and taylor and taylor should get back together

  • Trinity

    My manager went to highschool with her and said she was a total bitch. Obviously she's got some issues if every boyfriend dumps her! Every song has a different boy's name in it...obviously she's a serial dater.

  • dontsaynever

    She is NOT the victim. The boys are in the relationship that's why they finally break up. Sure, they all think she seems pretty and nice, but once they start dating her they realize how clingy and crazy she is. I mean have you heard her songs?? It is like she is in serious love with every boy she's ever looked at. She's slightly whack/

  • Locode

    She gave up the ass too quickly.

  • Josh

    She must have a smelly pussy or something.

  • Binky

    He stretched out her once tight rosebud into a loose gape and now he moves on...no big

  • payback

    They were dating from October to December, that's a TWO MONTH relationship. Big deal, Jake was with Reese Witherspoon for 2 YEARS. Besides this is good karma for the bad way she treated Taylor Lautner.

  • higgltypigglty

    Don't know about the phone call dump part of the article but the rest is pure unadulterated crap. Check Gossip Cop for the backstory on the article. As usual "US Weekly" is making up garbage about a celebrity relationship or state of mind. Shame on Celebuzz for posting crap like this without any fact checking.

  • anonymous

    I think he just releazed that she's just too young for him. He's in a stage in his life, where he wants to settle down.. while she's just 21 and stil probably going to release A LOT of albums before even thinking about starting a family. I think they shouldnt even have came out as a couple the first place... they should have met more in their own house instead at public places, so nobody would have even know that they were dating.. It happens and at the PEoples choice awards she didnt look that sad.. i mean 3 months isn't a long relationship.. if you can even call it, probably more a "we get to know each other phase" and at the end of they day they might decided not to taking it another step into a "real relationship" further!

  • Sara

    Taylor is sleeping with the guys. That's why she's so hurt. Please a 30-year old man isn't getting some. She's 21, not 12.

  • bing

    lol.. V does have a point.. taylor seems like a sweet girl but even bitches can be sweet sometimes.. i mean, no hating on taylor coz i adore her but really now.. even miley, who always seem so slutteey and sexified in her image had longer relationships than taylor's love stories.. so maybe there's something with the way she handles her relationships.. i mean, she almost have everything already, if she won't have a broken-hearted story, then she'd be perfect. hahaha.. jowk.. but seriously.. i love her songs but the same i-fell-in-love-but-he-broke-my heart theme in almost all of her songs is getting TIRED. time to go and do different things taylor instead of just dating guys and having boyfriends :D


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