Today's Teen Stars: Who's Their Past Twin? (PHOTOS)

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Much like comets that are only visible every 20 or 30 years, teen idols burn bright but fade fast.

However, they come back for the next generation of teen fans to enjoy, albeit in a different form. If you take a close look, Donny Osmond ultimately influenced Justin BieberJohn Travolta became Zac Efron, and Danny Bonaduce was born again as Rupert Grint. And the circle of fame continues ...

Which of yesterday's favorites is most like the stars of today? Tell us what you think of our match ups in the comments section.



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  • lol

    mario lopez is more sexy and cute than taylor gaytner, taylor has a big and weird nouse!!

  • nickyloveszac

    :O orlando bloom is way hotter than that guy!

  • nickyloveszac

    zac efron is bludy sexy!

  • Lucila Contartese
    Lucila Contartese

    Full house♥

  • Lucille

    Yup, they're both GAY! Just like you!

  • m

    the godfather and twilight are soooo not the same thing! the godfather was a great movie with great actors who actually knew how to act. and twilight.. twilight is an average book adapted to a crappy movie with horrible acting.

  • gabi

    when will the ignorant judgemental people give up putting somebody down. Rob is making wise choices in choosing his future..I'm happy that he is always compared to the truly Big Stars what gives me the impression that he already left a mark. Its always Leo, Johnny now Al he is compared to. Mr. Pattinson shows great promise in the new Movies coming out and I'l bet he will be terrific in Cronenberg's Movie

  • Kay

    Seriously Kelly! Robert is only a stupid tween sensation. Whereas Mr.Pacino did many iconic films and actually acted! sigh. so tired of the stereotypes. Rob has just as many fans over 21 than he does teens. People like you and the media just love to cut him down and it's easier to do that if he's just a tween phenomena. He is not. Directors like David Cronenberg wouldn't be booking him if he wasn't a good actor. That said I met PAcino and Rob is NOTHING like him, lol.Pacino is short, Italian and WAY more intense than Rob. Nice try though!

  • pophihipp

    lol! WHAT THE f*ck?!

  • pohhijo

    Seriously Kelly! Robert is only a stupid tween sensation. Whereas Mr.Pacino did many iconic films and actually acted!

  • meowww

    Yup, they're both GAY!

  • Stephanie

    ^^ haterrrrr!!!!!!!!! lol i love taylor lautner lol people should give him a chance you havent really seen him do any acting besides twilight... so give him a chance!! and hes obviously nott gay..hes dated taylor swift, and selena gomez.. and now reportedly lily collins,,,, so get over the hate for no apparent reason... people find a reason to hate for whatever they can think of lol...stupid..... anyway I'll always be a supporter.. you dont have to be but u dnt have to hate so much either.........Love ya tayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and cant wait for abduction to come outtttttttttttt

  • House of night
    House of night

    Taylor Gaytnur is a shame o a actor he shoulf burn in hell


    Love them both

  • kelly

    Wtf are kidding a homo vs a legend

  • sallybee86

    They could actually be twins....spooky

  • sallybee86

    Donny Osmond has way less of an Ego than Big Head Bieber!!


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