A Guide to MTV's 'Skins' (PHOTOS)

'Gossip Girl' vs. 'Skins' Showdown
'Gossip Girl' vs. 'Skins'
This season's steamiest series face off! Read More »

Forget reality shows about teens– Skins, the new scripted drama from MTV, promises to show an honest look into the lives of teenagers, complete with drinking, sex, and copious amounts of pot-smoking.

The new show is based on the wildly-popular UK show of the same name and each episode will follow an individual characters as they deal with the troubles of being a kid in suburban Maryland. Sounds harmless? Think again– the show has already earned the title of "the most dangerous television show for children ever," but that hasn't scared away young people who are eagerly awaiting the season premiere.

Check out Celebuzz's guide to the US version of Skins to make sure you know everything before the show premieres. Don't forget to tune into the season premiere of Skins on MTV on Monday, January 17 at 10/9 CT. Will you watch the US version of Skins? Sound off in the comments.

Photo Courtesy of MTV.



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    COPIED OFF THE ENGLISH VERSION. Just because you don't have any good shows to air (e.g, Jersey Shore), it doesn't mean you go stealing ours, you little f*ckers.