Christina Hendricks’ ‘Playboy’ Photo-Shoot

Rejoice, Mad Men fans, for Christina Hendricks has posed for Playboy! But don’t get too excited—she didn’t pose like that.

Playboy revealed Hendricks’ secret past with the magazine on its Twitter account earlier this week by posting the above pic with the puzzler:

“Tuesday Trivia: Who is the famous actress in this photo from the July 1999 issue?”

Internet sleuths subsequently identified the mystery babe as Hendricks, in a photo that accompanied an article on summer shooters. (That’s her on the right, sporting a blonde wig and, seemingly, much less buxom than her current state.)

The identity of that clown she’s hanging out with, however, remains a mystery.

Hendricks isn’t the only Mad Men beauty to grace the pages of Hugh Hefner’s magazine; her castmate Crista Flanagan prettied up the cover of the August 2010 edition.